Date night

Last night hubby and I managed to take off for a few hours by ourselves to try out one of the local restaurants.
Trying to squeeze in the many to do things on the lists, family catchups ( family if you are reading this we love you)  and the many things that seem to only happen on Hubbys Rnr don’t often leave much time for Date night.
I must admit that my enthusiasm for getting dressed up was lacking until my recent waredrobe revamp. Lots of culling has occurred over the holidays and a injection of colour. 
I really must thank Nikki from Styling You for her wonderful outfit ideas that she shares on her blog and recommend her book Unlock your style.  Especially if you are in a waredrobe rut like I was.

Hubby and I had a great evening and can tick it off our wish list that we have created together over the last few weeks.
Each day we have each added a wish to a text list and now have a great list of wonderful things to do this break.
Tomorrow morning we will be off early for hubby to go  fishing while
the rest of us enjoy the beach before it gets too hot. 
Do you and your partner have date night and when / where was the last time you got dressed up to go out somewhere special? 

Loving the colours in this top from mojo beach

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