Our baby is growning up.

So the time has finally come . I know it isn’t the first time we have done this but it is still tears at the heart strings just as much . Today we changed Miss Moos cot into her first bed. Although it was great to see her so excited , it also means that she is growing up and time is passing by way too fast . I also became a little teary the other day when B1 (our eldest ) and I were buying clothes for Miss Moo in the girls section instead of the baby clothes section. Hubby and I have been doing this parenting gig for nearly 23 years , which should make us pros by now. One thing we have learnt after all these years is each child is different and now we are older parents we really have learnt to not to stress the small things. Miss Moo hasn’t been our best sleeper and big confession , she often spends half the night sleeping in our bed. We are hoping that her transition from cot to bed will mean more sleep for us all and morning cuddles in our bed with her. I will let you know tomorrow. Happy Australia day everyone . I hope you have enjoyed time with family and friends . I  also have included a link to an article about transitioning toddlers from cot to bed. http://raisingchildren.net.au/articles/moving_to_a_big_bed.html

Jules 😀

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