Flying the nest

Ive found myself contemplating lately how different it is to be at two different ends of the parenting spectrum.  With some of our children flying the nest and one just a chick.
It gets easier after the first leaves,  people, but It didn’t for me and I’m not sure it will get easier.  I do however think I am more in tune with my emotions as I’ve got older and how not to become an emotional wreck.
There also becomes another element of being a parent where you children move back home again. ( it won’t happen you say ;-).
Let me give you some tips that i have found useful.
1. Never say never about your child moving back home.
( things change and parenting is for life)
2.  Set clear expectations of how jobs will be divided.
3. Keep guidelines simple and to 3 ( Ours are:
– If you arent going to be home for tea      let people know
– Clean up after yourself
– If you can’t do your job then swap with someone in the house.
Why three rules your thinking?
I find three is just the right amount to remember and put in place without being too overbearing.
Most of all, try not to fall into the trap of developing a mindset that your child is home to stay.  Keeping your usual routine while enjoying the moments you spend with your adult child will soften greaving process that occurred initially when your child first flew the nest.

Enjoy the moments.

Jules 🌸

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