Weekend Waffle – Public Behaviour

Sadly the weekend is nearly over once again. For us here in our house it means it’s nearly time for OH / Dad to come home (3 more sleeps!!). Great moments to share for me are ; The lovely long overdue (roughly 10 years ) catch up I had today with a beautiful friend and hearing Miss Moo cry out “Mummy where are you ?” Usually it’s a scream out of “Mum do you know where…..?” from Miss Teen. So I know my Nan will either be laughing with us or be giving me a discerning look from up above but I just had to share my thoughts and I hope to hear yours . Farting, burping , nose picking in public and I’m sure there are more but these are the most common behaviours . What is acceptable in public? I really am finding my line between my expectations as a Parent and a Teacher are often the same. Yes I know we all Fart (I can hear my OH and boys giggling at this word as I type it), but should it be acknowledged with an excuse me , pardon or at least a sorry especially in a confined space. Let me give you an example a friend shared this morning . During exercise class the lady on the bike in front of her Farted loudly and just kept going on with her exercise not even saying anything to the said friend after class. Should she have said something ? My thoughts are maybe not during the class but a quiet “Sorry about that during class”, would have nice. Nose picking (use a tissue), Burping (pardon/ excuse me) and Farting (for goodness sakes hold it in , go where no one else will be inflicted or last resort (acknowledge it ).

So I ask you what’s not acceptable/ acceptable; public behaviour?

Jules x

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