Friday sharing

Today I am taking my hat off and sending out a giant Hi five to all the Mums who balance full time work with parenting children at home.
Please note Stay at home parents you do a great job and I have done both. It is a personal choice but for me and what I do its part of who I am.
It maybe me getting older ( remember only i Can admit this) ,  or its become a tougher gig but I have to say I am tired this week.  When I say tired,  I’m not just talking about the I need a nap tired I’m referring to the someone take the reigns for a while I need some downtime.  In saying this I only go to paid work 4 days a week and I love what I do but I made the big choice last year that four days paid work is a good balance of happy wife /mum /teacher.
Whinge over. 
So how do you make sure that life includes things to look forward to?  Some of my fellow bloggers have shared inspirational thoughts,  ideas and experiences this week on their blogs. 
Beginning with my lovely friend from The Little Farmhouse Pantry
Jo has been busy sharing her lovely photos of Tasmania. Let me also just say that this talented lady makes the most amazing jams along with many other talents and I encourage you to please take a look at her page.
So many people over the holidays shared their pics of visits to waterparks, movies and iceskating.  Please don’t get me wrong I’m all for a good water park but it was refreshing to see Teapots and Tractors recent post about the Perth Mint. I will definitely be heading their on my next visit to Perth.  A FIFO wife
shared something close to my heart and I’m sure many others on her page.  Bringing to attention Ripple Kindness project.  Please check out the link at the end of article and get onboard with Random acts of kindness week.
A beautiful collation of photos of Mums including themselves in pictures was made into a wonderful short movie by Maxabella loves This made me shed a few tears and I rearly recommend that you watch it.  It certainly made me think about not always being the picture taker and making sure I’m #inthepicture

I’m off to put my feet up and appreciate that my lovely OH is home to take over the reigns for a while.
Don’t forget tomorrow is a day to share the love and remember,  it’s not about how much you spend its about embracing the moments and sharing them.

Jules 💜



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