Date Night – Weekend Waffle

Yesterday B1 (22) and I set out on a girls shopping trip with Miss Moo. I had a mission, to find a new outfit for my date with My love last night. I always do my research first online before I head out with Miss Moo in tow as I know that there will be a two hour limit before she becomes restless.
We walked into a shopping centre full of red, pink, love hearts and sale signs.
Two kimonos, a lovely heart print tshirt, two pairs of shoes and a new necklace ( info in photo comments) oops
and i forgot to mention a new pair of peppa pig shoes for Miss Moo and two new dresses later we had a tired 2yr old who was not going to be entertained by snacks, her mini etch sketch or toys (we always pack small containers or snaplock bags of cut up fruit, rice crackers or dried fruit).
I have to mention that Miss Moo loves shoes almost just as much as me but will probably have just as much difficulty as B1, Miss Teen and myself  finding nice shoes in her size as she is already in size 8 shoes at 2yrs).
OH and I were very lucky last night that B1 volunteered to look after miss Moo while we went out.
OH and are very lucky to be able to afford to go out more often now but it wasn’t always the case.
So I wanted to share some great ideas for Date nights that range from $12 upwards that OH and I have enjoyed.
1. Sunset /Star gazing
Grab a bottle of champers, two plastic chamagne cups, a picnic rug or a couple of folding chairs and head to the beach, park, or even backyard if the sky is clear enough.
(bottle of bubbly can range from $10 and up)

2. Romantic dinner in
Send the kids to rellies or friends house for the night or put them to bed early. Set the table with candles and best tableware. Cook a lovely meal, put on some lovely background music and enjoy.
( cost = the meal, returning the favour for friends so they can have their own date night in or a big day tiring the kids out)
3. Movie /Pizza night in
Rent a movie, make your own pizza or use coupons and order one, put kids to bed early, snuggle up and enjoy.
4. Music /Theatre night
suprise your loved ones with favourite tickets to a concert or theatre show. ( babysiter required)
5. River /boat cruise
If you are lucky enough to live near water or close enough to travel to water. I suggest you to take a cruise with your loved one.
There are also train entertainment nights (murder mystery) and dinner rides.
Note :These also make great presents for loved ones ( vouchers or tickets). OH parents have enjoyed a few of these as christmas presents and I find experience gifts are much better than material gifts.

I did go over my three ideas,  thoughts and rules quota for this post sorry and these are still only a few ideas.
There are so many more.
OH and my favourite is number 1 and we try and make it a tradition every time when OH is home to grab a bottle of bubbly jump in the 4wd and head to the beach to watch the sunset.
Last night we enjoyed a valentines cruise on the lovely Echo Abrolhos

My challenge to you all this week is to please share some great ideas for Date nights. You can share on here 

Facebook or Instagram

Enjoy the moments.
Jules 💜

Not sponsored – just sharing .




Date night outfit

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