Friday on my mind

So it’s one of my favourite weekdays today.  Friday in our house = Precious downtime for me and time spent with Miss Moo. Today the housework keeps calling me but it will have to wait.
I can envision my former self saying “no this needs to be done now!, and giving me a dirty look.
I’m sorry The organised housewife .
I love your blog and ideas and i do use your tips often they are great.

I wasn’t always like this,  just ask my hubby and our eldest 3 kids.  They will tell you I was The fun police. With my mantra being “You can after you have……..  “.   I will let you in on a well known secret in our house. Miss Teen ( 17 next month)  still thinks I am The fun police and she has it tough.  Especially last week when the rule was set by hubby and myself that she can’t have visitors over unless her room is clean. 

So what happened you ask to change me from being a member of the  fun police to enjoying the little moments. 
3 years ago we made the big choice to move from our little house in our little country town where we had lived for 15 years ( population roughly 30 people)  with 6 of that population coming from our home to a seaside city with the population of 40,550. Our city of residence which was once our holiday destination is now our home.

Pregnant with our beautiful Miss Moo

Within 4 months after we moved in I fell pregnant with our precious Miss Moo.  After years of being told it wasn’t possible.
Many hours spend by the ocean ( a great place to reflect)  made me look back just like Middle Aged Mama talks about in her recent blog post.  What is more important?  Yes I like the house to be clean and tidy but trying to constantly inforce my cleaning & tidying  standards which I couldn’t even live up to was stopping me from me enjoying our kids and driving my husband mad.

Do I still struggle with mess?  Hell yes,  but there is a difference between a pile of dirty dishes which should at least be in the dishwasher and books,  toys,  bags laying around. Sure I’d love everyone to clean up after themselves and i must say it does my head in when Miss Teen leaves her stuff all over the house but I choose world peace in our house. Yes there will still be days and it’s a work in progress where I loose my crap but Im learning life’s more about enjoying the little moments and creating memories.


So if you walk into my house please be careful not to trip over the toys and books.  Miss Teens door is now shut so I don’t start nervous twitching or heavy drinking and right now even though I have a list a mile long and Miss Moo is fast asleep.
I’m sitting with my feet up enjoying a cup of tea.
Although I am dreaming of owning one of those lovely robotic vacuums everyone is raving about.

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜

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