Capturing the moments – Weekend Waffle

Selfie taken by Miss Moo before swimming lessons

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Yes it is a bold statement but one that is so true to me. I love pictures and I use notes, pictures and photos throughout my day. At one stage I will admit I even had a bad Pinterest addiction. Oh how many endless hours can be spent on Pinterest. I even remember my dear Hubby waking up in the middle of the night on one occasion and getting sprung in the midst of a mad Pinning session and feeling like Id just been caught pinching the last chocolate from my Mums large / what she thought was well hidden stash of chocolates (sorry Mum but you weren’t that good at hiding things).

If I haven’t mentioned it before my hubby is FIFO and home for one week out of three. We love to talk on the phone and try to everyday but sometimes we are both exhausted and don’t have a lot to say so we will often send each other funny quotes and I will send photos of our kids & events. Photos contain so many stories and trigger many memories.

Last month we celebrated Miss Moos second birthday by taking her to the public pools for a swim with her sisters . As Hubby was home for her birthday and rarely swims in the pool (prefers the ocean) , this was a rare event. Overcome with enthusiasm I pulled out my phone to take a photo of hubby and our three girls playing a game together. With no other people near them and it being a quiet day I didn’t  think about it .Within seconds I was firmly tapped firmly on the shoulder by a lifeguard and told I will need to stop taking photos now as this was not allowed at the centre . I apologised and sheepishly put my phone away. I did know that the facility had a no taking photos of students participating in lessons policy but I wasn’t aware that this included personal pictures.
As a teacher I am very aware of the importance of privacy when it comes to media but I started to think about the loss of capturing moments of our children and their achievements if everywhere we went had the same policy . I realise that their are some undesirables out there that we need to protect our kids from but I have a question for you.
How do you feel about the no photographs policy that Public facilitates enforce and how harshly should they be enforced when it comes to parents taking photos of their own children?
 Jules ❤

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