Mission Accomplished – Weekend Waffle

The mad quick trip to Perth to find a balldress for Miss Teen that I posted about on Friday – Friday Frenzy,  was a great success.  Timing our travel to Perth so we left just after lunch meant Miss Moo slept for a lot of the journey.

Booking on a long weekend at short notice and on a budget can be a challenge. In the past I have usually had great success with booking through most of the online booking sites.  For this trip I chose the same hotel that we had stayed in with our four eldest kids many years ago to attend My graduation ceremony. Please let me mention that
I am not being sponsored by the Criterion Hotel Perth or anyone else mentioned in this post.

The location of the hotel was great and central to shops,  restaurants etc and the staff were very helpful but the beds were in need of replacing and the noise level from outside the building made it difficult to sleep at night.  Not having a comfortable night sleep after a 5 hour drive can make for a grumpy Mum. Amazing though what a coffee and Miss Moos hugs can do to turn that frown upside down.

We started our big day with a overdue catchup with Aunty Net ( my sister)  and Gran Gran. After a quick coffee pickup we were off to spend some time at the Park. If you are in Perth and near the city I really recommend you visit John Oldham park . 
This beautiful hidden gem is well worth the visit. With its fantastic playground and a  large slide, set in the centre of beautiful trees and water.  Did I also mention it has a very pretty waterfall. It is a great place to have fun and relax. A great review of this park by Lauren can be found on  Kids Around Perth.  I always love that my wonderful sister ( best friend) knows what I’m looking for and is needed and the location was perfect for a short catchup and some fun.




Playtime and catchup over.  We were back to our mission of finding a balldress for Miss Teen.
Miss Teen was slightly disheartened as we walked into Myers and were overwhelmed by too many departments. We soon realised that this was going to take hours and contained too many distractions (other clothing).
Feeling defeated we were walking along Barrack st when we spotted a small boutique called Shero.

Shopping with Miss Moo even while strapped in the pram at the best of times can be a challenge and as with most 2yr olds.  The moment we walked through the door of this small boutique we felt welcome. Miss Teen had her heart set on a red dress and a particular cut and we had a set budget of $200 for the dress. The two ladies who served us should be commended for their wonderful customer service. Miss Moo was included in this experience by being allowed to get out of her pram and sit with me while we viewed Miss Teen in the dresses and although the shop isn’t large the girls were very accommodating with our large pram. Only two dresses were tried on by Miss Teen,  to confirm what we both knew,  the first dress Miss Teen tried on exceeded all our expectations and was The dress. All I can tell you is that it is long,  red,  the perfect fit and amazing.  Plus the bonus being it was 50 % off so came in just above our set amount.  Shero also has a dress register to avoid the embarrasing experience of turning up in the same dress as someone else. Here is the link to Shero boutiques webpage ; http://www.sherofashion.com


With the major aim of our trip achieved it was time to enjoy some frozen yoghurt (a favourite for us girls)  and some more shopping after a quick freshen up for Miss Moo. I love the David Jones Parenting rooms. They are always clean and well set out.   Thankfully Miss Moo napped in her pram which meant I was able to buy Mr T +T a birthday present.

Now time for breakfast and the long trip home.  We are all looking forward to sleeping in our own beds and enjoying a lazy day tomorrow with a visit to the ocean. I can hear the sound of the ocean calling us home.

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜

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