Friday Flutters

Its Friday and Mr T+T is home!
This week has been a busy week.
So today will be about spending some time relaxing.

One of our favourite places to relax is by the ocean or river and we are so lucky that we have a place close to us that has both. Usually there is a sandbar blocking the river from flowing into the ocean but recent flooding has caused the Greenough river to overflow into the ocean at Cape Burney.  Today on our visit Miss Moo,  who loves The Ocean and all water really told her Daddy and I that the ocean was dirty. I have included some photos below and if you ever are travelling through it is a beautiful spot to visit.



On a totally different note today I’m also sharing the things I have enjoyed this week and also sharing the love.
One thing I have not shared is my role as a Teacher.  For the last four years I have taught at A Special Ed school.  I have a huge passion for what I do and working together with families is so rewarding.

Maxabella Loves shared her craft activity : make a cute little owl family using recycled toilet paper rolls on her page and on Kidspot.  Link below.
Cute little owl family
Yesterday my students made these after reading the book. One odd old owl by Paul Adshead.  This book has been a favourite in our house for a number of years as well as in my classrooms. It contains many wonderful elements and the illustrations and story are engaging.  One odd old owl is a rhyming,  puzzle game story well constructed for all ages.


After reading the picture book together my class then made their own craft owls using recycled paper towel rolls.
The children chose to use feathers instead of material or paper for the wings.  I am very proud of the end product as these were made without assistance.


I hope you are all enjoying your Friday.  Miss Moo is now down for her nap and Mr T + T and I are going to enjoy some late Lunch while watching – The English Teacher .  I look forward to reviewing this movie on the Weekend Waffle.
Until then it’s time for feet up and couch cuddles.

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜

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