Chillax – weekend Waffle

Is it just me or are people more stressed and starting to use it as an excuse to be rude to others?

It is out there in large amounts and seems to be affecting everyone.  The stress express is taking more of us along for the journey.

So we are all on our own daily journey with varying time on the stress express.  I know I am but I’m getting more aware of identifying when it’s time to get off instead of waiting to push the emergency button.

A recent grocery shopping trip with Miss Moo ( 2) alerted me to aisle rage.  Now anyone who has ever been shopping with a toddler in tow knows that it can be difficult no matter how prepared you are. We were well prepared for this trip.  We went in the morning,  snacks were packed,  mini etcher sketch and toys were in bag.  We were set. This shopping trip was going to go well. Miss Moo was happily strapped in and munching her snacks as we headed down the dairy aisle and prepared for a right turn into isle 2.  Then out of nowhere a trolley comes around the corner with full force and cuts us off. Before I have time to say anything to the couple behind the trolley the woman was half way down the aisle voicing her disapproval about people needing to be more careful ect… .  Sadly the rest of our shopping trip continued in the same manner and I found myself feeling the happiness continue to drain away.  I felt the need to run far away and turned  to my eldest B1 who had accompanied us and said “Let’s hurry and get the hell out of here “.
When we were finally out of the shop with our icecreams firmly  in our hands (compensation for food shopping), I began to think that maybe we need to have lanes painted in the aisles just like our roads and free parking vouchers like monopoly for those people who play nice when shopping.


Is this the way it has to be? Do we need rules to play nice. After all we all have crap days and things happen to us all.  How can we deal with our stress so we don’t take our shizzle out on others?

Tips for chillaxing – advice I’ve read that works or is worth trying.
1. Breathe & count to 10 in your head ( repeat if you need)
2. Exercise – yes it works ( choose something you enjoy preferably or just walk).  I enjoy body balance class and walking.
3. Laugh every day ( read a good joke or follow a good blog,  watch a sitcom or funny movie)
4. Download some good apps – some i like and use (not sponsored)  are:
* Nature sounds relax and sleep. Go to sleep to sounds of ocean or outdoors ( android)
* Relax and rest guided meditations – 5, 13 or 24 mins ( android or iPhone)
Remember it takes time to develop your own strategies to help cope with stress and I can’t express enough how important it is to talk to someone and get some professional advice.


I’d love to see more people spend less  time on the Stress Express and be kinder to themselves and other people.

Ps – I’ve yet to meet anyone who enjoys food shopping yet?
If you do then I’d love to hear their tips.

So remember to chillax and enjoy the moments.

Jules 💜

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One thought on “Chillax – weekend Waffle

  1. Yes. I love this. I often say that stress is normal in adult life, but we have a choice about whether to take it out on other people or not. We’re not that important that we get a special pass to be a jerk that no-one else is allowed to have! Treat people the way you want to be treated, I think!
    I try laughing. And exercise. I know it’s kind of embarrassing, but I am a SAHM cliche because nothing lifts me up like watching Ellen haha. And watching Ellen while exercising? Perfect – hey, whatever works!! I must stop comfort eating though…
    As for the supermarket, don’t want to jinx it (I have to go on a grocery run tomorrow) but the Little Mister is usually pretty cool. I bribe him with the promise of a Kinder Surprise egg if we’re doing a particularly big shop. He gets it at the end if he’s been an angel and he usually is. If not, we buy what we need for just that day and maybe the next, then high tail it out of there. I’ve been really lucky not to have run into too many sourpusses.
    People on the roads, well that’s another story! x


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