Manny Lewis – movie review

Manny Lewis is Carl Barons film debut as an actor.
Written by Carl Barron and Anthony Muir and produced by Martin Fabinyi. 
Is Carl Barron Just another comedian trying to break into the film industry like the many that have gone before him?

Carl Barron stars as Manny Lewis,  a comedian just like himself .  Manny Lewis gives an insight into the life of a comedian and what it’s like being famous.  Manny encounters fans in both female and male forms.  His meeting with the beautiful Maria (Leeanna Walsman) 
who has the desire to embrace life spontaneously comes with its own twist and complications.

Armed with popcorn I went to see this movie with a friend expecting lots of laughs and a light storyline. Mannys relationship with his father and it’s complexities keep the storyline real. 
Carl Barron proves that he is more than a comedian with his ability to reach a range of emotions and make them believable. 

Gather your popcorn or snack of your choice,  a friend or loved one and head to your local cinema.  Manny Lewis is
A film worth seeing.  You don’t have to be a Carl Barron fan to see this movie and if you are then I suggest you head in with an open mind as the film is much more than a comedy performance. 

Jules 💜

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