Weekend Waffle – Three things

I thought it might be nice to change it up a bit and share three things –
New additions to my wardrobe,  Movie review and how much joy Miss Moo brings to our family.

New wardrobe additions
Lately I have been taking a good look at the items in my wardrobe and added a few items (not sponsored). Over the next few weeks I look forward to sharing these items and how I wore them. 
Today I had a movie catchup with a gorgeous friend to see the movie Manny Lewis.
Previously on the blog I mentioned the wonderful Mojo Beach
A recent online sale tempted me with a huge wishlist.  From this wishlist I purchase a lovely printed tie shoulder top from the sale items. This top is so comfortable and easy to wear. Teamed with a pair of katies Ultimate Straight Jeans  ( these jeans are so forgiving)  and a pair of patent nude flats from Targets which were a bargain grab in February for $5.  This outfit also suited a coffee catchup after the movie.


The link to the movie review is under the picture below.


Manny Lewis movie review

Miss Moo

Our Miss Moo is very lucky to have four older siblings and they are all just as lucky to have her. Lots of our friends and family are suprised to see B1 (our eldest 22),  Mr Wings (20)  and Miss Teen (17) having fun playing tea parties,  playdough,  dollies,  chasey and waterplay with Miss Moo (2).  Unfortunately our second eldest child ( Mr 21)  lives 5 hrs away so sadly doesn’t get to enjoy this experience as much as the others.  Rarely a day goes by where Miss Moo is not entertained by her brother and sisters or should I say she entertains them. 
So when people ask if Miss Moo is missing out not having anyone close to her age in her family the answer is a firm  ” not a chance “. They say pictures speak a thousand words,  so I’ll just let the pictures below speak for themselves. 




Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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