Sound the sirens – Miss Teens Ball night.



Last night was a night of celebrations.
Miss Teen attended her ball night.
This is her final year of high school and it was a chance for her to feel like a princess and she certainly looked like one.


A beautiful gesture was made by Miss Teens older siblings B1 and Mr Wings and their partners.  They made sure that Miss Teen & Her partner arrived in style. They spent the morning washing and polishing a vintage fire truck kindly donated for use on the night by a former firey.


We are very lucky to live in a location that has a beautiful marina which set an amazing backdrop to preball photos.



So the night is over and the end of a schooling era of four of our children is on the horizon (20 years).
This year will be intense in our house with year 12 exams for Miss Teen but I have my hard hat and safety gear on ready to go.

There will be further study and uni for some our kids which we look forward to supporting them with but
Mr T & T and I are seeing a window coming up before Miss Moo starts school and before we build our house, to Travel.
Time to plan an adventure.

The possibilities may not be endless but as many hours of playschool have taught us,  which window will we choose today.  Mmm,  will it be the  round,  square or arched window?

Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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4 thoughts on “Sound the sirens – Miss Teens Ball night.

  1. She is absolutely beautiful, Jules! I love her dress – it’s such an interesting and classy pick for a Year 12 gal. It shows she has style galore! The colour looks amazing on her. I hope she had a delicious night!! x


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