Hello. Is anybody reading this?

I have really enjoyed creating the blog and sharing with you all each week.
Thank you for listening to me Waffle.


This week I shared :
Autism Awareness day. 


Something very close to my heart and job on Facebook twitter and Instagram   with wear blue for world Autism day.

Miss Moo and I dressed in blue.

Fifo fly out day
Fly out day is always tough for fifo families and the time apart can be tough especially when our little ones don’t understand. I shared a pic of Miss Moo this Wednesday evening with her Daddy doll. Miss Moo only has her Daddy doll when her Daddy is away at work. 
Wish U Were Here Dolls make these wonderful dolls ( not sponsored). 
This week Miss Moo began telling everyone who would listen,  ‘ My Daddy is at work ‘.


Where to next
I am feeling that Toddlersplusteens has come to an intersection and I am evaluating which direction to take.  There are so many wonderful blogs and bloggers out there who all have their own niches.
My aim when choosing a path is to keep it real and true to my original goal ; Talk to my readers like we are sharing a cuppa. 
What I want to know is,  what do you like or want to see on here?  Do you want to hear about real products for busy families?,  discussions?,  information and articles from guest writers?  Or more photos and reviews?  I want to hear from you, it can get boring talking to myself and I enjoy hearing what you have to say.


Now I’m off to catchup on The 100 after a lovely visit to the ocean today and  sadly I have a mountain of clothes to fold that is too large to hide anywhere.


Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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9 thoughts on “Hello?

  1. I very much like what you do and think you’ve nailed the ‘chatting over a cuppa’ which is my favorite kind of blog to read honestly, I think go the way you like, your voice comes through just right. 🙂 XX


  2. I LOVE the daddy doll idea. Fantastic. My hubby thankfully found an at home position just before I got pregnant (after almost a decade of FIFO work), so I admire all the mums who hold down the fort while their partners are away working. Because I know it would be SO hard for everyone!
    I reckon more stuff about your life – maybe to do with being a FIFO wife could be good – so many people can relate.
    Honestly, keep it real and keep doing what you’re doing – I’m enjoying it 🙂

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