Turkish Food delights

So we meet again.
Welcome to dinner at our house.
Last nights dishes were delicious.
Everyone is really stepping up their game. All the recipe links have been included in the recipe names.

Mr T&T joined in the challenge with gusto and I really thought I would have to put myself out of the voting since the dessert was Turkish delight inspired ( my favourite).

Beef kofta with saffron yoghurt

The gorgeous B1 , our eldest made these. The accompanying saffron yoghurt went well with these .


Turkish Potatoes & Chickpeas

Mr T & T enjoys getting in the kitchen when he is home and what better than to cook together.
The spices in a separate portion of this dish were omitted for Miss Moo (2). This dish is fairly easy to prepare with the main difficulty being locating Baharat (Middle Eastern spice mix)

We struggled to find Baharat in any shops for this recipe where we live so decided to make our own using a recipe from Taste.com  (link in the title text)


Lamb shank testi kebab
Lamb shanks are always a favourite dish and there were none of these left over.


Turkish bread

There are some fantastic recipes out there for Turkish bread but for this weeks bring and share we decided to buy ours.

One of our favourite breads is Turkish bread and we have fond memories of eating this with Dukkah purchased from the historical town of  New Norcia . So although Dukkah originates from Egypt we decided that it would almost be a crime not to eat Mr T & Ts Turkish Pide (bread ) without Dukkah and olive oil.


Rose cream & raspberry jellies


Made by Miss Teen . The changes made to this desert were added crushed Rasberrries throughout the cream on the top layer.

Overall dish ratings

We decided to tally our ratings this week to decide on an overall winner.
The three chefs hats went to Miss Teen who made the delicious desert, she will get to choose which country our food theme should be based on for next week and she has chosen one of our family favourites ; Chinese food.
Her dad and I threw in a free movie pass for winning.

Anyone who read last weeks bring and share will know that I mentioned our son Mr Wings (20) liking watching the Iron Chef  on TV when younger . Iron Chef Australian defender maybe ??


Don’t forget to enjoy a meal with your loved ones this week.

Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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Spanish Food

Thanks for coming to bring and share night with our family.

Our family enjoyed challenging our cooking skills and putting our chefs hats on to produce our Spanish inspired dishes this week.image


There were lots of Masterchef inspired comments and even though we tried our best Mr Wings didn’t do his Iron Chef inspired pose this week ( there is always next week) .  I have provided the links to the recipes online in the dish tittle,  just click on it and it will lead you to the site. I also need to let you know that this is not a sponsored post.
Included in the dishes review below is,  what the cook said,  review of dish ( no one had to be encouraged to play nicely for this part)  and the winner  ( three chefs hats).

Smashed chickpeas with spinach

What the cook said
This recipe was easy to follow and make. Nothing was changed in the ingredients and method when making this dish.
Review – Miss Teen
I’d definitely eat this again! Healthy, looks nice and tasted good too. Whilst i didn’t mind the plain taste some might find it too bland, some citrus flavoring in this dish would go a long way 7/10


Beef empanadas

What the cook said
I left out the mushroom in this dish because some people don’t like it.
If I made this again I would make some with mushrooms and some without.

Review – Mr Wings
Phew, I am so glad there were no mushrooms in this.  The pastry could have been a bit more crunchy and I would have cut the onions more finely. The chicken was cooked to perfection. 


Spanish prawn and chorizo rice

What the cook said
I really love one pan dishes.
This recipe was fun to make and the only thing I would change is to add more chorizo next time.
Review – B1
It was delicious.  The prawns and chorizo tasted awesome together. Lemon slices as an option were great to. More chorizo would have been good.  Overall an awesome dish.


Summer pisto frittata

What the cook said
OOPS,  I left the asparagus out,  how sad. This dish wasn’t to hard to make.
Review – Myself
Something was missing from this dish for me.  Mmm I wonder what that was?? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it and it looked great.  Just like Jamie Olivers (impressive),  but it needed another ingredient to replace the asparagus.


Three chef hats 

chefs hats

This weeks winning dish and nomination for make again recipe goes to………………………………………………………..
The Spanish Prawns and chorizo rice

Luckily in the T + T house no one is voted off the island and next week we get to inspire you all to have a go at trying some different recipes and food.
Our own Master chef wannabe (Mr T + T)  is home for next weeks bring and share .
I really do encourage you to share a meal around your table with your family and friends and get everyone involved.

The current prize for winning is to choose next week’s theme and because I am the winner, I have chosen Turkish food. My inspiration being that My sister in laws family are Turkish.

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Enjoy the Moments
Around Your Table


Jules 💜


Hello. Is anybody reading this?

I have really enjoyed creating the blog and sharing with you all each week.
Thank you for listening to me Waffle.


This week I shared :
Autism Awareness day. 


Something very close to my heart and job on Facebook twitter and Instagram   with wear blue for world Autism day.

Miss Moo and I dressed in blue.

Fifo fly out day
Fly out day is always tough for fifo families and the time apart can be tough especially when our little ones don’t understand. I shared a pic of Miss Moo this Wednesday evening with her Daddy doll. Miss Moo only has her Daddy doll when her Daddy is away at work. 
Wish U Were Here Dolls make these wonderful dolls ( not sponsored). 
This week Miss Moo began telling everyone who would listen,  ‘ My Daddy is at work ‘.


Where to next
I am feeling that Toddlersplusteens has come to an intersection and I am evaluating which direction to take.  There are so many wonderful blogs and bloggers out there who all have their own niches.
My aim when choosing a path is to keep it real and true to my original goal ; Talk to my readers like we are sharing a cuppa. 
What I want to know is,  what do you like or want to see on here?  Do you want to hear about real products for busy families?,  discussions?,  information and articles from guest writers?  Or more photos and reviews?  I want to hear from you, it can get boring talking to myself and I enjoy hearing what you have to say.


Now I’m off to catchup on The 100 after a lovely visit to the ocean today and  sadly I have a mountain of clothes to fold that is too large to hide anywhere.


Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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Memories – A song,  A photo,  A smell or  a moment.  So many things can trigger them. How precious are the memories that our past generations have and how do we keep them so they don’t get lost. How important are things to keeping our memories?

The Decluttering in our house is ongoing and I am starting to get the hang of being brutal. At the moment it is Miss Moos baby clothes. I have kept a few special outfits and also her first shoes that she walked in which I have decided to frame over the next school holidays.

How easy it is to fill our houses and lives with things. I used to realise this more after we had been away camping. I also remember many years ago when a family on the same street we lived in our small town lost everything when they had a house fire.
Our district rallied and funds were raised, but for everyone in the community it touched a rare chord.  What if we lost all the possessions we owned today or tomorrow?

One of my favourite movies is Leap Year .  There is a great scene where the fire alarms go off and Anna ( Amy Adams) fiance Jeremy (Adam Scott) has to choose what to take with him in the rush to vacate and rushes around grabbing laptops etc.  If you had 2 minutes to vacate your house what would you grab?

One article I have found recently  inspiring is
Kelly Exeters – A life less Frantic recent article on her blog which may also help you with the decision you have been prolonging (like myself)  about whether to keep your wedding outfit.
When it’s time to let go of your wedding dress.

Mr T&T and I sadly no longer have any grandparents and the many wonderful stories that have been passed down to them will be missed out on by our kids.  I am still not sure how we can give the next generation the message of how important it is to make time for their grandparents and to listen to the stories because they hold history,  lessons and the key to our past.

Nostalgic I know but I will always treasure and miss the many long stories and talks with my wonderful Nan.

So today,  tonight,  tomorrow,  take the time to enjoy the moments and hold the memories in your heart.

Jules 💜

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Mummy Martyrs

Thank goodness it is Friday!
Believe me when I say I love what I do and I made the choice to balance working,  being a mummy ( very thankful for our gifts) and a wife of a fifo husband.
But I’m really feeling it at the moment.  I’m tired and my whole body hurts.

I have been a mummy for 23 years in May which is nearly half my life. I thank God for the gift of our 5 kids every day.
It has taken me years to realise that I can’t be a good Mum and wife if I don’t look after myself. For a long time I was the mummy martyr soldier.  Doing everything then whinging to Mr T & T about my exhaustion.  The whinging wife (do you know her?) because shameful to admit it was me.  For years I was told to take some timeout for me by Mr T & T and friends.

Unfortunately mummy martyrs get sick as well and when your balancing work,  parenting and being a fifo wife the walls can come crashing down with a bang.
This Mummy Martyrs found out the hard way last year when our Miss Moo had a long run of illnesses that always seemed to happen when Mr T & T was away. I soldiered on until I became very ill at the same time as Miss Moo was recovering from the flu.  I didn’t ask for Mr T & T to come home I soldiered on until he came home and I crashed.
Medical advice finally conquered all and my pride was crushed as I was told that I had to slow down and make changes if I wanted to be here to see my beautiful kids grow up.


What a slap in the face that was.  How the hell was I going to make changes.  Who would do all the jobs I did, as Henny Penny said ‘The sky is falling ‘,  or in my case it was going to fall.

Long story cut short as it was a journey that saw Mr T & T and my older kids disarm me and force me to stand down from my post and fast forward to this week and changes that have been made.
Yesterday I snuck off after work before anyone could catch me and before picking Miss Moo up to get a neck,  shoulder and feet massage.  Being the cheapskate I am I went to the local Chinese massage place and it was great.  I came out minus the headache I had carried for the last week and not clenching my teeth.
Today B1 is coming over to play with Miss Moo while I get a much needed haircut ( time to control the fluffy fro) and on Sunday I am going to the movies with a friend.

Yes I have a long list of jobs to get done but I’m taking some time to unravel and step back from my post so that I can be a better Mummy.

Nagging self doubts,  you can take a hike.  My Mummy comrades I hope you get to take a breather no matter how small.  Most of all if you need help ask for it ( it’s ok to)  and if you don’t get it shout.  Over and out.

Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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Friday Flutters

Its Friday and Mr T+T is home!
This week has been a busy week.
So today will be about spending some time relaxing.

One of our favourite places to relax is by the ocean or river and we are so lucky that we have a place close to us that has both. Usually there is a sandbar blocking the river from flowing into the ocean but recent flooding has caused the Greenough river to overflow into the ocean at Cape Burney.  Today on our visit Miss Moo,  who loves The Ocean and all water really told her Daddy and I that the ocean was dirty. I have included some photos below and if you ever are travelling through it is a beautiful spot to visit.



On a totally different note today I’m also sharing the things I have enjoyed this week and also sharing the love.
One thing I have not shared is my role as a Teacher.  For the last four years I have taught at A Special Ed school.  I have a huge passion for what I do and working together with families is so rewarding.

Maxabella Loves shared her craft activity : make a cute little owl family using recycled toilet paper rolls on her page and on Kidspot.  Link below.
Cute little owl family
Yesterday my students made these after reading the book. One odd old owl by Paul Adshead.  This book has been a favourite in our house for a number of years as well as in my classrooms. It contains many wonderful elements and the illustrations and story are engaging.  One odd old owl is a rhyming,  puzzle game story well constructed for all ages.



After reading the picture book together my class then made their own craft owls using recycled paper towel rolls.
The children chose to use feathers instead of material or paper for the wings.  I am very proud of the end product as these were made without assistance.


I hope you are all enjoying your Friday.  Miss Moo is now down for her nap and Mr T + T and I are going to enjoy some late Lunch while watching – The English Teacher .  I look forward to reviewing this movie on the Weekend Waffle.
Until then it’s time for feet up and couch cuddles.

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜

Friday on my mind

So it’s one of my favourite weekdays today.  Friday in our house = Precious downtime for me and time spent with Miss Moo. Today the housework keeps calling me but it will have to wait.
I can envision my former self saying “no this needs to be done now!, and giving me a dirty look.
I’m sorry The organised housewife .
I love your blog and ideas and i do use your tips often they are great.

I wasn’t always like this,  just ask my hubby and our eldest 3 kids.  They will tell you I was The fun police. With my mantra being “You can after you have……..  “.   I will let you in on a well known secret in our house. Miss Teen ( 17 next month)  still thinks I am The fun police and she has it tough.  Especially last week when the rule was set by hubby and myself that she can’t have visitors over unless her room is clean. 

So what happened you ask to change me from being a member of the  fun police to enjoying the little moments. 
3 years ago we made the big choice to move from our little house in our little country town where we had lived for 15 years ( population roughly 30 people)  with 6 of that population coming from our home to a seaside city with the population of 40,550. Our city of residence which was once our holiday destination is now our home.

Pregnant with our beautiful Miss Moo

Within 4 months after we moved in I fell pregnant with our precious Miss Moo.  After years of being told it wasn’t possible.
Many hours spend by the ocean ( a great place to reflect)  made me look back just like Middle Aged Mama talks about in her recent blog post.  What is more important?  Yes I like the house to be clean and tidy but trying to constantly inforce my cleaning & tidying  standards which I couldn’t even live up to was stopping me from me enjoying our kids and driving my husband mad.

Do I still struggle with mess?  Hell yes,  but there is a difference between a pile of dirty dishes which should at least be in the dishwasher and books,  toys,  bags laying around. Sure I’d love everyone to clean up after themselves and i must say it does my head in when Miss Teen leaves her stuff all over the house but I choose world peace in our house. Yes there will still be days and it’s a work in progress where I loose my crap but Im learning life’s more about enjoying the little moments and creating memories.


So if you walk into my house please be careful not to trip over the toys and books.  Miss Teens door is now shut so I don’t start nervous twitching or heavy drinking and right now even though I have a list a mile long and Miss Moo is fast asleep.
I’m sitting with my feet up enjoying a cup of tea.
Although I am dreaming of owning one of those lovely robotic vacuums everyone is raving about.

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜