Giving your children the best start to Dental Health

The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile .                                                                                                                           As a mother of five I understand the many struggles that parents face both physically , emotionally and financially with providing the best possible dental hygiene habits and healthcare. 

The struggle to get a toddler to open their mouth so you can help brush their teeth , the 12 year old who insist for the 5th time that they have brushed their teeth while smiling at you with food still stuck in their teeth.            Oh and the joys of the tooth fairy visits that were a day late because the tooth fairy must have been very busy last night or “they must be saving your teeth till last because you have looked after them so well”. 

Not to also mention the fact that we could have gone on an around the world trip twice with the money we have spent on orthodontist and dentist bills. 

As a parent I have struggled with the limited advice available regarding how best to support my children’s dental health. 

 Sally from Health Insurance Comparison is our guest on the blog this week answering some important questions on how to support your children’s dental Heath.  
Dental Health for Children
We only get one set of real teeth so it’s crucial to be looking after your child’s dental health from an early age.

When should I start brushing my child’s teeth?
Regular teeth brushing is essential from a young age to set your child on the right path for their oral health. Ideally, you should look to start brushing your child’s teeth from babyhood, after the first milk teeth come through. This could happen anytime from around the 6 month mark but can sometimes happen sooner.
While your child is still young, you’ll need to do the brushing for them. Make a point of showing them what is involved via the mirror to prepare them for being able to clean their teeth by themselves.
From around the age of 7, children should be fine to start brushing their own teeth. However, it is still wise to supervise them to make sure that they are not missing areas and that they don’t swallow any toothpaste.
As they get older, you can also teach your child how to floss between their teeth to get rid of plaque and bacteria that is not tackled by brushing alone. If this is too awkward due to the alignment and spacing of their teeth, interdental brushes can also be used to clean between teeth.

What age should my child be when they first visit the dentist?

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should happen soon after their first milk teeth comes through. Getting them used to going to the dentist from an early age can make them less concerned when they need to have dental treatment as they get older. It can also help to keep tabs on decay and any dental problems that may become more of an issue if your child doesn’t start seeing a dentist until they are older.

Preventing tooth decay

Sugary snacks, fizzy drinks and fruit juice can all contribute to tooth decay so it’s advisable to only allow your child to eat and drink these in moderation. Water and milk are better alternatives.

What age is the best age to commence orthodontic treatment and why are braces important to my child’s dental health ?

Some children will need to have orthodontic treatment to correct misalignments with the jaw and/or teeth as they get older. This can help to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps between teeth and correct ‘bite’ so that the top and bottom jaws meet properly. Depending on the arrangement of your child’s teeth, this could enable them to take care of their oral health more easily by correcting problems that otherwise make it difficult to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Braces can be fixed or removable. Some are highly visible but there is also the option to have a more discreet type, although this is more expensive.
Orthodontic treatment is usually down around the age of 12 or 13. After this point, it is more difficult (but by no means impossible!) to correct teeth and jaw problems. 

The Financial Side of Things
Medicare provides a bit of support for your child’s dental . The Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) offers up to $1,000 towards the cost of some dental care services for children aged 2-17. To be eligible, you need to be in receipt of certain Government payments for a minimum of 1 day of the calendar year, such as Family Tax Benefit Part A. The CDBS is capped at this amount over 2 consecutive calendar years.
Beyond this, Medicare will only cover dental treatment in ‘exceptional’ circumstances.
Because Medicare won’t offer a huge amount of help for the average family, you may choose to buy Extras health insurance to help with the costs of your child’s dental care. This can be particularly valuable if anyone in the family needs to have more extensive dental treatment and/or if your child needs to have braces as they near their teens.
Extras with General Dental services will cover preventative dental treatments such as examinations, scale and polish and x-rays and it may also include fillings, simple extractions and wisdom teeth removal (depending on the health fund). More complex dental work such as root canal work, treatment for periodontal/gum disease, crowns and bridges and implants will require Extras cover with Major Dental services. Orthodontic treatment will sometimes be covered on Major Dental but will usually require Extras cover with Orthodontics services.
Be aware that annual limits will apply to Extras cover, and this can be on the low side for the more basic Extras policies. This can have a big impact on the level of dental services that will be covered on your policy and could lead to out-of-pocket costs if you need to go beyond the annual limit on your policy and your health fund is not one of those that offers no-gap dental cover.
Want to find a fairly priced policy with comprehensive dental coverage for your kids? Check out and start comparing policies today!

Note : No money was received for this guest post

Learning to wear what I love in May has been a fun journey. I’m looking forward to following the Instagram style challenges in June and sharing my style, what I love and where to find comfortable, affordable clothing with some hints on how to style your pieces in different ways to get the most out of them. #rediscoveringyourwardrobe #lovewhatyouwear #flipagram #Maroon5 made with @flipagram .

Learning to wear what I love in May has been a fun journey.
I’m looking forward to following the Instagram style challenges in June and sharing my style, what I love and where to find comfortable, affordable clothing with some hints on how to style your pieces in different ways to get the most out of them.
#rediscoveringyourwardrobe #lovewhatyouwear #flipagram #Maroon5 made with @flipagram .

Chinese inspired food

The best things in life are meant to be shared. As I have mentioned in my previous Bring and Share posts , our family has many fantastic memories of meals shared and this weeks food, conversations and laughter were just as wonderful . Some of our dishes this week are our own recipes and the links to all the ones that aren’t are included in the recipe headings. Ginger and Garlic Prawns I always find garlic prawns to be a quick and easy meal served with rice . The secret to all good seafood dishes is to try and buy fresh sea food, although I do understand that this is not always a choice. This recipe was easy, quick and got the thumbs up. wpid-wp-1430463622211.jpeg Stir fry with egg noodles and vegetables ( B1s own recipe) 2 x chicken breasts Snow peas x 1 large handful 1/2 cup peas, 1/2 cup corn 1 small chopped carrot 250g Mushrooms sliced 1 pk Egg noodles Stir fry sauce (i used pineapple sweet and sour) Abc soy sauce 1 clove garlic Mixed herbs Place egg noodles in a bowl of boiling hot water to soak. Dice chicken breasts. Cook in pan on medium heat with herbs and garlic. Dice vegetables. Add abc sauce to chicken. Stir through. Add vegetables to pan. Strain egg noodles. When chicken and vegetables are almost cooked add stir fry sauce and egg noodles. Cook on low heat stirring occasionally. Sweet and Sour Chicken Made by Mr Wings partner. This was delicious and also didn’t take long to make.


  Mums Fried Rice ( The recipe I have been using for years and adjusted according to available ingredients) Ingredients – 2 cups of rice 1 onion 300 g diced ham 3 eggs 1/2 cup peas Soy sauce 1 clove garlic METHOD Cook rice (I like to cook mine the morning before and leave in the fridge). Wisk egg and cook as an omelette. Chop egg up while in pan with the spatula, take out and set aside. Fry onion and ham Add rice, soy sauce and cook until all heated. Add peas and cook while continuously stiring for 5 minutes All the dishes were nominated as winners this week and leftovers were all quickly served up in containers for lunches the next day. wpid-wp-1430463295042.jpeg So what’s theme for Bring and share next week? Well we are asking you to share your favourite recipes with us and each Friday we will feature a collection of recipes for readers and ourselves to try. We will also be sharing some of our favourites along with yours. You can share by emailing them to me at Please don’t stress about retyping them, photos of the recipe are also fine. Our aim is to Share some new recipes with each other on here. We look forward to featuring your favourites and sharing ours with you next Friday. Enjoy the moments Jules 💜

Turkish Food delights

So we meet again.
Welcome to dinner at our house.
Last nights dishes were delicious.
Everyone is really stepping up their game. All the recipe links have been included in the recipe names.

Mr T&T joined in the challenge with gusto and I really thought I would have to put myself out of the voting since the dessert was Turkish delight inspired ( my favourite).

Beef kofta with saffron yoghurt

The gorgeous B1 , our eldest made these. The accompanying saffron yoghurt went well with these .


Turkish Potatoes & Chickpeas

Mr T & T enjoys getting in the kitchen when he is home and what better than to cook together.
The spices in a separate portion of this dish were omitted for Miss Moo (2). This dish is fairly easy to prepare with the main difficulty being locating Baharat (Middle Eastern spice mix)

We struggled to find Baharat in any shops for this recipe where we live so decided to make our own using a recipe from  (link in the title text)


Lamb shank testi kebab
Lamb shanks are always a favourite dish and there were none of these left over.


Turkish bread

There are some fantastic recipes out there for Turkish bread but for this weeks bring and share we decided to buy ours.

One of our favourite breads is Turkish bread and we have fond memories of eating this with Dukkah purchased from the historical town of  New Norcia . So although Dukkah originates from Egypt we decided that it would almost be a crime not to eat Mr T & Ts Turkish Pide (bread ) without Dukkah and olive oil.


Rose cream & raspberry jellies


Made by Miss Teen . The changes made to this desert were added crushed Rasberrries throughout the cream on the top layer.

Overall dish ratings

We decided to tally our ratings this week to decide on an overall winner.
The three chefs hats went to Miss Teen who made the delicious desert, she will get to choose which country our food theme should be based on for next week and she has chosen one of our family favourites ; Chinese food.
Her dad and I threw in a free movie pass for winning.

Anyone who read last weeks bring and share will know that I mentioned our son Mr Wings (20) liking watching the Iron Chef  on TV when younger . Iron Chef Australian defender maybe ??


Don’t forget to enjoy a meal with your loved ones this week.

Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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Manny Lewis – movie review

Manny Lewis is Carl Barons film debut as an actor.
Written by Carl Barron and Anthony Muir and produced by Martin Fabinyi. 
Is Carl Barron Just another comedian trying to break into the film industry like the many that have gone before him?

Carl Barron stars as Manny Lewis,  a comedian just like himself .  Manny Lewis gives an insight into the life of a comedian and what it’s like being famous.  Manny encounters fans in both female and male forms.  His meeting with the beautiful Maria (Leeanna Walsman) 
who has the desire to embrace life spontaneously comes with its own twist and complications.

Armed with popcorn I went to see this movie with a friend expecting lots of laughs and a light storyline. Mannys relationship with his father and it’s complexities keep the storyline real. 
Carl Barron proves that he is more than a comedian with his ability to reach a range of emotions and make them believable. 

Gather your popcorn or snack of your choice,  a friend or loved one and head to your local cinema.  Manny Lewis is
A film worth seeing.  You don’t have to be a Carl Barron fan to see this movie and if you are then I suggest you head in with an open mind as the film is much more than a comedy performance. 

Jules 💜

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Chillax – weekend Waffle

Is it just me or are people more stressed and starting to use it as an excuse to be rude to others?

It is out there in large amounts and seems to be affecting everyone.  The stress express is taking more of us along for the journey.

So we are all on our own daily journey with varying time on the stress express.  I know I am but I’m getting more aware of identifying when it’s time to get off instead of waiting to push the emergency button.

A recent grocery shopping trip with Miss Moo ( 2) alerted me to aisle rage.  Now anyone who has ever been shopping with a toddler in tow knows that it can be difficult no matter how prepared you are. We were well prepared for this trip.  We went in the morning,  snacks were packed,  mini etcher sketch and toys were in bag.  We were set. This shopping trip was going to go well. Miss Moo was happily strapped in and munching her snacks as we headed down the dairy aisle and prepared for a right turn into isle 2.  Then out of nowhere a trolley comes around the corner with full force and cuts us off. Before I have time to say anything to the couple behind the trolley the woman was half way down the aisle voicing her disapproval about people needing to be more careful ect… .  Sadly the rest of our shopping trip continued in the same manner and I found myself feeling the happiness continue to drain away.  I felt the need to run far away and turned  to my eldest B1 who had accompanied us and said “Let’s hurry and get the hell out of here “.
When we were finally out of the shop with our icecreams firmly  in our hands (compensation for food shopping), I began to think that maybe we need to have lanes painted in the aisles just like our roads and free parking vouchers like monopoly for those people who play nice when shopping.


Is this the way it has to be? Do we need rules to play nice. After all we all have crap days and things happen to us all.  How can we deal with our stress so we don’t take our shizzle out on others?

Tips for chillaxing – advice I’ve read that works or is worth trying.
1. Breathe & count to 10 in your head ( repeat if you need)
2. Exercise – yes it works ( choose something you enjoy preferably or just walk).  I enjoy body balance class and walking.
3. Laugh every day ( read a good joke or follow a good blog,  watch a sitcom or funny movie)
4. Download some good apps – some i like and use (not sponsored)  are:
* Nature sounds relax and sleep. Go to sleep to sounds of ocean or outdoors ( android)
* Relax and rest guided meditations – 5, 13 or 24 mins ( android or iPhone)
Remember it takes time to develop your own strategies to help cope with stress and I can’t express enough how important it is to talk to someone and get some professional advice.


I’d love to see more people spend less  time on the Stress Express and be kinder to themselves and other people.

Ps – I’ve yet to meet anyone who enjoys food shopping yet?
If you do then I’d love to hear their tips.

So remember to chillax and enjoy the moments.

Jules 💜

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Friday the thirteen celebration

Many superstitious people will be busy today being extra careful not to spill the salt during meals , avoiding construction sites in fear of ladders, stearing clear of black cats and taking precautionary measures not to break any mirrors or open an umbrella indoors for fear of bad luck.
For many people 13 is an unlucky number but in our house 13 is a reason to celebrate.
On Friday the 13th 17 years ago our beautiful Miss Teen arrived in the world and was welcomed into our family.
Also Miss Moo was born in 2013 but today is all about Miss Teen and we are thankful to be her parents everyday plus in awe of her generous heart and the young woman she has become.
Miss Teen is our fourth child who was also the baby of the family for 15 years until Miss Moo arrived.
Right up until Miss Teen was born I would have to describe myself as being very superstisious and I will also sheepishly admit to being concerned while giving birth about her being born on Friday the 13th.
I am now more than happy to walk under a ladder, spill salt and if a mirror broke tomorrow then I could safely say that I would happily just replace it and move on Although I do still struggle with having shoes on the table.
The reality hit home on Friday the 13th 1998 – I could let superstitions ruin my moments and cause me stress plus even blame superstitions if things went wrong or enjoy the celebrations in life without the salt throwing , black cat avoiding etc.


Taken when Miss Teen was 15 and Miss Moo 3 months


Superstitions are often passed down from generation to generation as well as traditions but in our case many of our family traditiins have been created.
With Birthday celebrations being one .
Birthdays are very special in our family and it is a tradition for people to choose what they would like to eat for their birthday dinner .
Today Miss Teen decided she would like sushimi & sushi for her bday dinner and a watermelon cake .
So today I have been busy preparing sushi & Miss Teens favourite sushimi plus a watermelon cake.
I had my first attempt at making a cake completely from fruit .
I’m undecided if I should be labelling this as nailed it or a sucess but I’ll leave that up to you to decide from the photo below.

Nailed it ? Ill let you decide !

Unfortunately Mr T +T was at work but I really like that we have Skype especially today as it meant Mr T + T was able to sing happy birthday with us and  be a part of the celebration.
Who remembers being Seventeen, not quite an adult but no longer a child ? Its an inbetween age but also as parents for us it means our little girl is closer to being an adult.

On that note I am off to start making that list of things I would like to do , see and share with Miss Teen over a nice glass of wine while waiting out the storm (our location is currently on yellow alert. Please listen to the advice given and stay off the roads and inside if you are in affected areas.
Stay safe and enjoy the moments.

Jules  💜


The English Teacher is a movie about an attractive fourty year old woman who has made teaching her life.

Her high standards of what she is looking for in a man along with the combination of many bad dates leave her with the inability to let her guard down and really enjoy herself.

The movie plot becomes slightly more spicy as she breaks the unspoken rule of having a one off experience with her ex student who is a playwright.

Although the movie kept me watching I found that the storyline was way to predictable.

The English Teacher is a great Sunday afternoon movie but I recommend that you have plenty of popcorn ready before you sit down.

The English Teacher movie trailer

Peacekeeper vs People-pleasing

Over the weekend I finally completed my ‘About Me ‘, section on my blogpage. Although I still need to include a photo.

One thing I mention is that I consider myself to be a peacekeeper. Is a peacekeeper the same as a people-pleaser? 

Peacekeeper a person who maintains or restores peace and amity; mediator.

For many years I was guilty of being a people-pleaser.  Saying yes was easier than the possibility of any type of conflict occuring and every now and again I find myself like tonight slipping up and reverting with a yes because it’s always easier to say yes. Right?

So how do we break the cycle and what can we do to change it?
There are so many quizzes and articles about people-pleasers. 
I try and have one line to allow me time to process and weigh up my choices which is, ” let me think about it and get back to you “.

Take a look at Debbie Hamptons post about her experiences as a people-pleaser ( below)

What is your line or strategy for making sure you don’t say yes to everyone & everything?

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜

Mission Accomplished – Weekend Waffle

The mad quick trip to Perth to find a balldress for Miss Teen that I posted about on Friday – Friday Frenzy,  was a great success.  Timing our travel to Perth so we left just after lunch meant Miss Moo slept for a lot of the journey.

Booking on a long weekend at short notice and on a budget can be a challenge. In the past I have usually had great success with booking through most of the online booking sites.  For this trip I chose the same hotel that we had stayed in with our four eldest kids many years ago to attend My graduation ceremony. Please let me mention that
I am not being sponsored by the Criterion Hotel Perth or anyone else mentioned in this post.

The location of the hotel was great and central to shops,  restaurants etc and the staff were very helpful but the beds were in need of replacing and the noise level from outside the building made it difficult to sleep at night.  Not having a comfortable night sleep after a 5 hour drive can make for a grumpy Mum. Amazing though what a coffee and Miss Moos hugs can do to turn that frown upside down.

We started our big day with a overdue catchup with Aunty Net ( my sister)  and Gran Gran. After a quick coffee pickup we were off to spend some time at the Park. If you are in Perth and near the city I really recommend you visit John Oldham park . 
This beautiful hidden gem is well worth the visit. With its fantastic playground and a  large slide, set in the centre of beautiful trees and water.  Did I also mention it has a very pretty waterfall. It is a great place to have fun and relax. A great review of this park by Lauren can be found on  Kids Around Perth.  I always love that my wonderful sister ( best friend) knows what I’m looking for and is needed and the location was perfect for a short catchup and some fun.




Playtime and catchup over.  We were back to our mission of finding a balldress for Miss Teen.
Miss Teen was slightly disheartened as we walked into Myers and were overwhelmed by too many departments. We soon realised that this was going to take hours and contained too many distractions (other clothing).
Feeling defeated we were walking along Barrack st when we spotted a small boutique called Shero.

Shopping with Miss Moo even while strapped in the pram at the best of times can be a challenge and as with most 2yr olds.  The moment we walked through the door of this small boutique we felt welcome. Miss Teen had her heart set on a red dress and a particular cut and we had a set budget of $200 for the dress. The two ladies who served us should be commended for their wonderful customer service. Miss Moo was included in this experience by being allowed to get out of her pram and sit with me while we viewed Miss Teen in the dresses and although the shop isn’t large the girls were very accommodating with our large pram. Only two dresses were tried on by Miss Teen,  to confirm what we both knew,  the first dress Miss Teen tried on exceeded all our expectations and was The dress. All I can tell you is that it is long,  red,  the perfect fit and amazing.  Plus the bonus being it was 50 % off so came in just above our set amount.  Shero also has a dress register to avoid the embarrasing experience of turning up in the same dress as someone else. Here is the link to Shero boutiques webpage ;


With the major aim of our trip achieved it was time to enjoy some frozen yoghurt (a favourite for us girls)  and some more shopping after a quick freshen up for Miss Moo. I love the David Jones Parenting rooms. They are always clean and well set out.   Thankfully Miss Moo napped in her pram which meant I was able to buy Mr T +T a birthday present.

Now time for breakfast and the long trip home.  We are all looking forward to sleeping in our own beds and enjoying a lazy day tomorrow with a visit to the ocean. I can hear the sound of the ocean calling us home.

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜