The English Teacher is a movie about an attractive fourty year old woman who has made teaching her life.

Her high standards of what she is looking for in a man along with the combination of many bad dates leave her with the inability to let her guard down and really enjoy herself.

The movie plot becomes slightly more spicy as she breaks the unspoken rule of having a one off experience with her ex student who is a playwright.

Although the movie kept me watching I found that the storyline was way to predictable.

The English Teacher is a great Sunday afternoon movie but I recommend that you have plenty of popcorn ready before you sit down.

The English Teacher movie trailer

Peacekeeper vs People-pleasing

Over the weekend I finally completed my ‘About Me ‘, section on my blogpage. Although I still need to include a photo.

One thing I mention is that I consider myself to be a peacekeeper. Is a peacekeeper the same as a people-pleaser? 

Peacekeeper a person who maintains or restores peace and amity; mediator.

For many years I was guilty of being a people-pleaser.  Saying yes was easier than the possibility of any type of conflict occuring and every now and again I find myself like tonight slipping up and reverting with a yes because it’s always easier to say yes. Right?

So how do we break the cycle and what can we do to change it?
There are so many quizzes and articles about people-pleasers. 
I try and have one line to allow me time to process and weigh up my choices which is, ” let me think about it and get back to you “.

Take a look at Debbie Hamptons post about her experiences as a people-pleaser ( below)

What is your line or strategy for making sure you don’t say yes to everyone & everything?

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜

Mission Accomplished – Weekend Waffle

The mad quick trip to Perth to find a balldress for Miss Teen that I posted about on Friday – Friday Frenzy,  was a great success.  Timing our travel to Perth so we left just after lunch meant Miss Moo slept for a lot of the journey.

Booking on a long weekend at short notice and on a budget can be a challenge. In the past I have usually had great success with booking through most of the online booking sites.  For this trip I chose the same hotel that we had stayed in with our four eldest kids many years ago to attend My graduation ceremony. Please let me mention that
I am not being sponsored by the Criterion Hotel Perth or anyone else mentioned in this post.

The location of the hotel was great and central to shops,  restaurants etc and the staff were very helpful but the beds were in need of replacing and the noise level from outside the building made it difficult to sleep at night.  Not having a comfortable night sleep after a 5 hour drive can make for a grumpy Mum. Amazing though what a coffee and Miss Moos hugs can do to turn that frown upside down.

We started our big day with a overdue catchup with Aunty Net ( my sister)  and Gran Gran. After a quick coffee pickup we were off to spend some time at the Park. If you are in Perth and near the city I really recommend you visit John Oldham park . 
This beautiful hidden gem is well worth the visit. With its fantastic playground and a  large slide, set in the centre of beautiful trees and water.  Did I also mention it has a very pretty waterfall. It is a great place to have fun and relax. A great review of this park by Lauren can be found on  Kids Around Perth.  I always love that my wonderful sister ( best friend) knows what I’m looking for and is needed and the location was perfect for a short catchup and some fun.




Playtime and catchup over.  We were back to our mission of finding a balldress for Miss Teen.
Miss Teen was slightly disheartened as we walked into Myers and were overwhelmed by too many departments. We soon realised that this was going to take hours and contained too many distractions (other clothing).
Feeling defeated we were walking along Barrack st when we spotted a small boutique called Shero.

Shopping with Miss Moo even while strapped in the pram at the best of times can be a challenge and as with most 2yr olds.  The moment we walked through the door of this small boutique we felt welcome. Miss Teen had her heart set on a red dress and a particular cut and we had a set budget of $200 for the dress. The two ladies who served us should be commended for their wonderful customer service. Miss Moo was included in this experience by being allowed to get out of her pram and sit with me while we viewed Miss Teen in the dresses and although the shop isn’t large the girls were very accommodating with our large pram. Only two dresses were tried on by Miss Teen,  to confirm what we both knew,  the first dress Miss Teen tried on exceeded all our expectations and was The dress. All I can tell you is that it is long,  red,  the perfect fit and amazing.  Plus the bonus being it was 50 % off so came in just above our set amount.  Shero also has a dress register to avoid the embarrasing experience of turning up in the same dress as someone else. Here is the link to Shero boutiques webpage ;


With the major aim of our trip achieved it was time to enjoy some frozen yoghurt (a favourite for us girls)  and some more shopping after a quick freshen up for Miss Moo. I love the David Jones Parenting rooms. They are always clean and well set out.   Thankfully Miss Moo napped in her pram which meant I was able to buy Mr T +T a birthday present.

Now time for breakfast and the long trip home.  We are all looking forward to sleeping in our own beds and enjoying a lazy day tomorrow with a visit to the ocean. I can hear the sound of the ocean calling us home.

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜

Friday Frenzy

Let the madness begin.  I’m off to Perth city for 48 hrs with Miss Teen and Miss Moo to find Miss Teen the ball dress of her dreams on a budget.
In amongst the many shops we will be trailing I am also on the hunt for good parks in the city to take Miss Moo to.

I have just finished packing and in my head my outfits would look like this lovely birdsnest one below but my shopping will have to wait because it’s about Miss Teen and I’m excited to share this experience with her.


Looking forward to sharing more on The Weekend Waffle.

Just one quick share before I head off please take a look at this funny post from Have a Laugh on me it had me in stitches.


Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜

Capturing the moments – Weekend Waffle

Selfie taken by Miss Moo before swimming lessons

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Yes it is a bold statement but one that is so true to me. I love pictures and I use notes, pictures and photos throughout my day. At one stage I will admit I even had a bad Pinterest addiction. Oh how many endless hours can be spent on Pinterest. I even remember my dear Hubby waking up in the middle of the night on one occasion and getting sprung in the midst of a mad Pinning session and feeling like Id just been caught pinching the last chocolate from my Mums large / what she thought was well hidden stash of chocolates (sorry Mum but you weren’t that good at hiding things).

If I haven’t mentioned it before my hubby is FIFO and home for one week out of three. We love to talk on the phone and try to everyday but sometimes we are both exhausted and don’t have a lot to say so we will often send each other funny quotes and I will send photos of our kids & events. Photos contain so many stories and trigger many memories.

Last month we celebrated Miss Moos second birthday by taking her to the public pools for a swim with her sisters . As Hubby was home for her birthday and rarely swims in the pool (prefers the ocean) , this was a rare event. Overcome with enthusiasm I pulled out my phone to take a photo of hubby and our three girls playing a game together. With no other people near them and it being a quiet day I didn’t  think about it .Within seconds I was firmly tapped firmly on the shoulder by a lifeguard and told I will need to stop taking photos now as this was not allowed at the centre . I apologised and sheepishly put my phone away. I did know that the facility had a no taking photos of students participating in lessons policy but I wasn’t aware that this included personal pictures.
As a teacher I am very aware of the importance of privacy when it comes to media but I started to think about the loss of capturing moments of our children and their achievements if everywhere we went had the same policy . I realise that their are some undesirables out there that we need to protect our kids from but I have a question for you.
How do you feel about the no photographs policy that Public facilitates enforce and how harshly should they be enforced when it comes to parents taking photos of their own children?
 Jules ❤

Date Night – Weekend Waffle

Yesterday B1 (22) and I set out on a girls shopping trip with Miss Moo. I had a mission, to find a new outfit for my date with My love last night. I always do my research first online before I head out with Miss Moo in tow as I know that there will be a two hour limit before she becomes restless.
We walked into a shopping centre full of red, pink, love hearts and sale signs.
Two kimonos, a lovely heart print tshirt, two pairs of shoes and a new necklace ( info in photo comments) oops
and i forgot to mention a new pair of peppa pig shoes for Miss Moo and two new dresses later we had a tired 2yr old who was not going to be entertained by snacks, her mini etch sketch or toys (we always pack small containers or snaplock bags of cut up fruit, rice crackers or dried fruit).
I have to mention that Miss Moo loves shoes almost just as much as me but will probably have just as much difficulty as B1, Miss Teen and myself  finding nice shoes in her size as she is already in size 8 shoes at 2yrs).
OH and I were very lucky last night that B1 volunteered to look after miss Moo while we went out.
OH and are very lucky to be able to afford to go out more often now but it wasn’t always the case.
So I wanted to share some great ideas for Date nights that range from $12 upwards that OH and I have enjoyed.
1. Sunset /Star gazing
Grab a bottle of champers, two plastic chamagne cups, a picnic rug or a couple of folding chairs and head to the beach, park, or even backyard if the sky is clear enough.
(bottle of bubbly can range from $10 and up)

2. Romantic dinner in
Send the kids to rellies or friends house for the night or put them to bed early. Set the table with candles and best tableware. Cook a lovely meal, put on some lovely background music and enjoy.
( cost = the meal, returning the favour for friends so they can have their own date night in or a big day tiring the kids out)
3. Movie /Pizza night in
Rent a movie, make your own pizza or use coupons and order one, put kids to bed early, snuggle up and enjoy.
4. Music /Theatre night
suprise your loved ones with favourite tickets to a concert or theatre show. ( babysiter required)
5. River /boat cruise
If you are lucky enough to live near water or close enough to travel to water. I suggest you to take a cruise with your loved one.
There are also train entertainment nights (murder mystery) and dinner rides.
Note :These also make great presents for loved ones ( vouchers or tickets). OH parents have enjoyed a few of these as christmas presents and I find experience gifts are much better than material gifts.

I did go over my three ideas,  thoughts and rules quota for this post sorry and these are still only a few ideas.
There are so many more.
OH and my favourite is number 1 and we try and make it a tradition every time when OH is home to grab a bottle of bubbly jump in the 4wd and head to the beach to watch the sunset.
Last night we enjoyed a valentines cruise on the lovely Echo Abrolhos

My challenge to you all this week is to please share some great ideas for Date nights. You can share on here 

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Friday sharing

Today I am taking my hat off and sending out a giant Hi five to all the Mums who balance full time work with parenting children at home.
Please note Stay at home parents you do a great job and I have done both. It is a personal choice but for me and what I do its part of who I am.
It maybe me getting older ( remember only i Can admit this) ,  or its become a tougher gig but I have to say I am tired this week.  When I say tired,  I’m not just talking about the I need a nap tired I’m referring to the someone take the reigns for a while I need some downtime.  In saying this I only go to paid work 4 days a week and I love what I do but I made the big choice last year that four days paid work is a good balance of happy wife /mum /teacher.
Whinge over. 
So how do you make sure that life includes things to look forward to?  Some of my fellow bloggers have shared inspirational thoughts,  ideas and experiences this week on their blogs. 
Beginning with my lovely friend from The Little Farmhouse Pantry
Jo has been busy sharing her lovely photos of Tasmania. Let me also just say that this talented lady makes the most amazing jams along with many other talents and I encourage you to please take a look at her page.
So many people over the holidays shared their pics of visits to waterparks, movies and iceskating.  Please don’t get me wrong I’m all for a good water park but it was refreshing to see Teapots and Tractors recent post about the Perth Mint. I will definitely be heading their on my next visit to Perth.  A FIFO wife
shared something close to my heart and I’m sure many others on her page.  Bringing to attention Ripple Kindness project.  Please check out the link at the end of article and get onboard with Random acts of kindness week.
A beautiful collation of photos of Mums including themselves in pictures was made into a wonderful short movie by Maxabella loves This made me shed a few tears and I rearly recommend that you watch it.  It certainly made me think about not always being the picture taker and making sure I’m #inthepicture

I’m off to put my feet up and appreciate that my lovely OH is home to take over the reigns for a while.
Don’t forget tomorrow is a day to share the love and remember,  it’s not about how much you spend its about embracing the moments and sharing them.

Jules 💜