The magic of books

I grew up reading Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island and  Anne of Green gables ; just to mention a few as the list is too long.
I was also a major bookworm.who loved nothing better to escape into the pages of a good book and i must admit as I got older I was an extreme sucker for a good romance.  Not Mills and Boon style romance but the kind where there wasn’t always a happy ending or page after page of naked revelations. The Characters were complicated yet intriguing and the possibilities were endless.

In my early years I could be found in the back corner of the school library hiding out with my book of choice.
It was my way of escaping unhappy home situations. The library was also my main way of accessing books.
Books held an amazing world under each cover. Fiction and  Non fiction books were consumed at a rapid rate. The only time I must admit over the years that I did not want to see a book again for a while was after completing My University degree,  but this was text books.

Mr T & T is an avid reader and comes from a family who love to read.  The main literature in my house when growing up was readers digest and My Mum had a big collection of mills and Boon books. I have also met friends over the years who grew up being exposed to a great selection books but do not enjoy reading.

Many hours of reading to our kids,  always a variety of books around and encouragement may or may not have contributed to the fact that Most of our kids enjoy reading now and Miss Moo is well and truly a lover of books.


So how can we encourage our kids to read for enjoyment?

  • Join the local library and start when your children are young.  The library is a great place to access free books and expose kids to a wider variety.  Most libraries run storytime sessions and sessions ( for babies). Some information:
  • Western Australia  Better beginnings
  •  Libraries of SA
  • NSW Libraries
  •  ACT Libraries
  • Tasmanian public Library services
  • Cairns Libraries
  •  Melbourne Library services
  • Read to your child often and from a young age.  It is never too early to start
  • When searching for books consider your child’s interests ( it’s ok if they want to read age and content appreciate magazines,  this is still reading.
  • Take an interest in what your child is currently reading and take the time to talk about the book.  When they are younger ask questions such as Can you find… ? ,  What colour is… ?  Can you count how many…?.
  • Give books and magazine subscriptions for presents to older children.

One of our family favourites is the book – A fortunate life.  So when our gorgeous Miss Moo arrived the decision to name her was not a challenge.  ‘Myra’ was the name of Albert Facey’s (the main character) sister and our name of choice .

Share your most Embarrassing / Funny Mum moments

Lately I have been thinking of all my embarrassing moments as a Mother. Probably because of all my fantastic fellow Mummy bloggers and their great posts and funny photo shares.

Over the years our kids have managed to embarrass us a lot. Ssh, don’t let them know because they may just try harder.

Last week Miss Moo and I had a sneaky visit to Bunnings. On our way out Miss Moo decided it was time to get out of the trolley and walk. Now this is fine and  Miss Moo was helping push the trolley until she decided that she needed to adjust her shoes right in the middle of the entrance aisle while insisting I assist her. So I did what every good Mum does and got down on the floor to help her. As I stood up I heard giggling and turned to see three teenagers looking in my direction. I felt a bit breezy around the back-end and reach around to realise that my Jeans were no longer covering my derrière  and my brightly striped underwear were showing. I quickly pulled up my Jeans and paid for my items in record time . Luckily Miss Moo is at an age that she isn’t embarrassed by me.

As I have got older I have found that I am not as embarrassed about things as I was when I was younger. I have also noticed that a lot of people seem to  worry less about embarrassing themselves as they get older. It’s almost like the filter has worn out for some people. I wonder if this will happen to Mr T & T and I , will we have the ability to embarrass our kids in public and not bat an eyelid (I say with a glint in my eye).

I am super excited this week to host my first competition on Facebook while also showcasing some stunning Jewellery.

The fantastic part is I get to offer you the chance to Win this stunning piece of Jewellery.

Share your Most embarrassing / funny  Mum moment for a chance to win.

Toddlers plus teens are excited to give you the opportunity to Win this gorgeous necklace. Thanks to my wonderful friend Samantha from Park lane Jewellery .

So how can I win you ask?



1. Like Park lane Jewellery with Samantha Heinrich by clicking on photo above and going to her link.

2. Like toddlers plus teens on Facebook by clicking on photo below.

Mothersday comp 23

3. Share competition with friends on your facebook page

4.  Share your funny / embarrasing mum moment or your mums moment on here or Toddlers plus teens on Facebook.


The Competition will run from Sunday the 19th of April 2015 – 2nd May 2015 at 11.00pm. Competition is only open to Australian residents and not affiliated with Facebook.

The winner will be drawn using . I look forward to sharing more of this beautiful Jewellery over the next few weeks .

Good luck.

Enjoy the moments

Jules x

No Waffle

Our house has been hit by the tummy bug from hell last night. I will spare you the gross details and just say lucky we are a two toilet house.

This is the tough part of Fifo life as Mr T + T isn’t home until Wednesday.
So instead of sharing the original post I was working on I will share three links that I hope you will take the time to read.
I have included an invite for you to participate in Monday Madness tomorrow and I hope to be back on here again with you soon.

Monday Madness

1 Simple tip to stop yelling.

Our push for ‘Passion ‘ and why it harms kids.

Enjoy the moments 🌻

Jules 💜

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Sound the sirens – Miss Teens Ball night.



Last night was a night of celebrations.
Miss Teen attended her ball night.
This is her final year of high school and it was a chance for her to feel like a princess and she certainly looked like one.


A beautiful gesture was made by Miss Teens older siblings B1 and Mr Wings and their partners.  They made sure that Miss Teen & Her partner arrived in style. They spent the morning washing and polishing a vintage fire truck kindly donated for use on the night by a former firey.


We are very lucky to live in a location that has a beautiful marina which set an amazing backdrop to preball photos.



So the night is over and the end of a schooling era of four of our children is on the horizon (20 years).
This year will be intense in our house with year 12 exams for Miss Teen but I have my hard hat and safety gear on ready to go.

There will be further study and uni for some our kids which we look forward to supporting them with but
Mr T & T and I are seeing a window coming up before Miss Moo starts school and before we build our house, to Travel.
Time to plan an adventure.

The possibilities may not be endless but as many hours of playschool have taught us,  which window will we choose today.  Mmm,  will it be the  round,  square or arched window?

Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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Weekend Waffle – Three things

I thought it might be nice to change it up a bit and share three things –
New additions to my wardrobe,  Movie review and how much joy Miss Moo brings to our family.

New wardrobe additions
Lately I have been taking a good look at the items in my wardrobe and added a few items (not sponsored). Over the next few weeks I look forward to sharing these items and how I wore them. 
Today I had a movie catchup with a gorgeous friend to see the movie Manny Lewis.
Previously on the blog I mentioned the wonderful Mojo Beach
A recent online sale tempted me with a huge wishlist.  From this wishlist I purchase a lovely printed tie shoulder top from the sale items. This top is so comfortable and easy to wear. Teamed with a pair of katies Ultimate Straight Jeans  ( these jeans are so forgiving)  and a pair of patent nude flats from Targets which were a bargain grab in February for $5.  This outfit also suited a coffee catchup after the movie.


The link to the movie review is under the picture below.


Manny Lewis movie review

Miss Moo

Our Miss Moo is very lucky to have four older siblings and they are all just as lucky to have her. Lots of our friends and family are suprised to see B1 (our eldest 22),  Mr Wings (20)  and Miss Teen (17) having fun playing tea parties,  playdough,  dollies,  chasey and waterplay with Miss Moo (2).  Unfortunately our second eldest child ( Mr 21)  lives 5 hrs away so sadly doesn’t get to enjoy this experience as much as the others.  Rarely a day goes by where Miss Moo is not entertained by her brother and sisters or should I say she entertains them. 
So when people ask if Miss Moo is missing out not having anyone close to her age in her family the answer is a firm  ” not a chance “. They say pictures speak a thousand words,  so I’ll just let the pictures below speak for themselves. 




Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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Living the dream

Living the dream is a common saying in the FIFO world.
Sometimes it is said with a cynical tone to it.  Meaning ; I’m working my butt off and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m tired as hell. For our family it also means quality time and working towards our goals of building a house on our 9 Acres and travelling. 

Mr T+T works a 2/1 roster and has been doing this for 4 years and before that his job involved being away for work for up to two weeks but with only a few hours notice. With his job now we know when he is going to be home which means we can make plans.

So many negative comments are made about FIFO life and it’s affects on people and families. FIFO life is not suited to everyone but it does have its good side.

Our week together
What does our week off look like and how do we make it work? 
Yes it does take work but it really pays off.

Don’t overplan
Trying to cram everything in doesn’t work!  Don’t expect your  partner to do two weeks worth of jobs on their R + R.  Try and choose three things that you want to do each R & R and they can be different each time.
This R & R has been spent achieving three of our goals below.
1. Getting all our beautiful children together for a family picture can be a challenge. Miss Moos daycare requested a family picture for their family wall. So on Saturday we all (minus our eldest son -21 who lives 5 hrs away and will have his own photo attached ) met at a park and set up the tripod and camera on timer and had some fun. 
2. Before our sea change to a small city we lived in the country for 19 years.
So making sure Miss Moo understands where vegies,  meat,  eggs and fish really come from is important to us.
So yesterday we headed off to Bunnings to buy a new swing seat and some equipment to set up a small garden trolley for Miss Moo to help grow her own vegetables.  We brought the small one below for $49 but there are loads of plans on Pinterest to make your own. For us atm time is valuable when Mr T + T is home but it is on our agenda to make larger ones later. Ok ladies please don’t condemn me but….  I actually find Bunnings relaxing and Miss Moo likes it too.



3. So many of our memories and great conversations have been made and taken place while sharing a meal at our table.
So on Friday night Mr T + T got his Jamie Oliver on and cooked his family famous – Dazzas chicken and we had a lovely family dinner.  I have included a link to Mr T + Ts versions of the recipe on the link below. 
Dazzas Chicken

Spending time near the ocean is something we all Enjoy. We spent time at one of our favourite spots on Friday – Cape Burney,  which I wrote about on Friday Flutters this week.

Making time for romance and to enjoy each others company is important. For many years it was a conversation we had. Men and women are different and I’m not saying all women like flowers and romance but for me it matters.  So receiving flowers and also drinking bubbly wine while watching the sunset are a tradition now. Getting some alone time with a two year old,  teenager and adult children can be a challenge but it is do-able. We often head  to bed early and take an afternoon nap on the weekend.

On Friday we watched the movie The English Teacher I have written a short review of the movie.  Just follow the link below.
The English Teacher movie review

Im not saying that FIFO Family life is a walk in the Park. Mr T + T hasn’t been fishing in a while and some of the crappiest things often happen when he is away at work.  Like our son Mr Wings (20) moving out of home and when we first found out Miss Teen had a boyfriend.
Sometimes some major decisions need to be made during work time. This isn’t just hard for me but also Mr T + T who wants to be here.

The most important thing is communication.  Talk,  txt,  Skype and email each other. Do one of these things at least each day.

Most of all

Enjoy the moments
Jules 💜