Monday Madness

Is it just me or are Mondays just a little crazy ?

Doing the mad Mummy run around to get everyone organised for the day , finding that elusive sock , homework item or the hairbrush that only a Mum look can conquer.  I am grinning while typing this because even our much-loved children who don’t live at home now have been known to phone me or come over and ask me where they have put something and the amazing thing is 9/10 times I can tell them where to look.

Our beautiful Miss Moo (2) hates to be rushed and loves to be independent.

Each Monday I am going to share some madness with a Photo or some words on my Facebook page and Instagram . I invite you to share your photos , stories , movies , comments and rants with me . You can also email them to me – toddlersplusteens@Hotmail.com .

It’s the craziness of family life that creates memories.


Enjoy the moments

Jules x

5 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. Monday is a crazy day here for sure! But, so are most others. I’ve joined in on Insta with your hashtag, great idea!


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