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Our house has been hit by the tummy bug from hell last night. I will spare you the gross details and just say lucky we are a two toilet house.

This is the tough part of Fifo life as Mr T + T isn’t home until Wednesday.
So instead of sharing the original post I was working on I will share three links that I hope you will take the time to read.
I have included an invite for you to participate in Monday Madness tomorrow and I hope to be back on here again with you soon.

Monday Madness

1 Simple tip to stop yelling.

Our push for ‘Passion ‘ and why it harms kids.

Enjoy the moments 🌻

Jules 💜

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Spanish Food

Thanks for coming to bring and share night with our family.

Our family enjoyed challenging our cooking skills and putting our chefs hats on to produce our Spanish inspired dishes this week.image


There were lots of Masterchef inspired comments and even though we tried our best Mr Wings didn’t do his Iron Chef inspired pose this week ( there is always next week) .  I have provided the links to the recipes online in the dish tittle,  just click on it and it will lead you to the site. I also need to let you know that this is not a sponsored post.
Included in the dishes review below is,  what the cook said,  review of dish ( no one had to be encouraged to play nicely for this part)  and the winner  ( three chefs hats).

Smashed chickpeas with spinach

What the cook said
This recipe was easy to follow and make. Nothing was changed in the ingredients and method when making this dish.
Review – Miss Teen
I’d definitely eat this again! Healthy, looks nice and tasted good too. Whilst i didn’t mind the plain taste some might find it too bland, some citrus flavoring in this dish would go a long way 7/10


Beef empanadas

What the cook said
I left out the mushroom in this dish because some people don’t like it.
If I made this again I would make some with mushrooms and some without.

Review – Mr Wings
Phew, I am so glad there were no mushrooms in this.  The pastry could have been a bit more crunchy and I would have cut the onions more finely. The chicken was cooked to perfection. 


Spanish prawn and chorizo rice

What the cook said
I really love one pan dishes.
This recipe was fun to make and the only thing I would change is to add more chorizo next time.
Review – B1
It was delicious.  The prawns and chorizo tasted awesome together. Lemon slices as an option were great to. More chorizo would have been good.  Overall an awesome dish.


Summer pisto frittata

What the cook said
OOPS,  I left the asparagus out,  how sad. This dish wasn’t to hard to make.
Review – Myself
Something was missing from this dish for me.  Mmm I wonder what that was?? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it and it looked great.  Just like Jamie Olivers (impressive),  but it needed another ingredient to replace the asparagus.


Three chef hats 

chefs hats

This weeks winning dish and nomination for make again recipe goes to………………………………………………………..
The Spanish Prawns and chorizo rice

Luckily in the T + T house no one is voted off the island and next week we get to inspire you all to have a go at trying some different recipes and food.
Our own Master chef wannabe (Mr T + T)  is home for next weeks bring and share .
I really do encourage you to share a meal around your table with your family and friends and get everyone involved.

The current prize for winning is to choose next week’s theme and because I am the winner, I have chosen Turkish food. My inspiration being that My sister in laws family are Turkish.

Note – We are currently looking for sponsorship for Bring & Share
If you think your products,  services or sponsorship is a good fit then we would love to hear from you.
Contact Us

Enjoy the Moments
Around Your Table


Jules 💜

Tea & Movies with Miss Teen


It’s always great to have quality time with Miss Teen.  Today was no exception as we enjoyed morning tea at one of our favourite places.

After too much Tea and a lovely piece of chocolate meringue cake was consumed Miss Teen became the photographer before we went and watched   INSURGENT.

INSURGENT is the second movie in the Divergent series.
If you enjoyed the first movie ; Divergent, then you will really like this one.It has plenty of action and a great storyline.wpid-wp-1428499002143.jpeg

 Outfit share not sponsored


Have I mentioned that I am really liking the gorgeous flats available from Target at the moment and these ones are so comfy and affordable – $25. I am wearing size 11.

Once again I am wearing my Katies Ultimate Jeans $49.95 which I have shared before :
I added a touch of Nautical look, with this peacoat striped t-shirt also from target – $25.

My bag (strandbags) , was a gift for Xmas from mr T&T and not available now but the one featured (Marikai snake panel tote) is very similar.

A touch of RED was added with my new lipstick. If you have been wanting to try out the lovely shades of red that are out but think that they might make you look washed out or won’t suit you then I encourage you to go to your local makeup counter and try some out.
The lipstick I wore is RED matte from maybelline. A bit of sharing ( not sponsored) Target currently has 30% off selected makeup.

Don’t forget to share your outfits on Instagram : #wearandsharet.
I look forward to seeing what beautiful, comfortable and affordable outfits you put together.

Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜


Hello. Is anybody reading this?

I have really enjoyed creating the blog and sharing with you all each week.
Thank you for listening to me Waffle.


This week I shared :
Autism Awareness day. 


Something very close to my heart and job on Facebook twitter and Instagram   with wear blue for world Autism day.

Miss Moo and I dressed in blue.

Fifo fly out day
Fly out day is always tough for fifo families and the time apart can be tough especially when our little ones don’t understand. I shared a pic of Miss Moo this Wednesday evening with her Daddy doll. Miss Moo only has her Daddy doll when her Daddy is away at work. 
Wish U Were Here Dolls make these wonderful dolls ( not sponsored). 
This week Miss Moo began telling everyone who would listen,  ‘ My Daddy is at work ‘.


Where to next
I am feeling that Toddlersplusteens has come to an intersection and I am evaluating which direction to take.  There are so many wonderful blogs and bloggers out there who all have their own niches.
My aim when choosing a path is to keep it real and true to my original goal ; Talk to my readers like we are sharing a cuppa. 
What I want to know is,  what do you like or want to see on here?  Do you want to hear about real products for busy families?,  discussions?,  information and articles from guest writers?  Or more photos and reviews?  I want to hear from you, it can get boring talking to myself and I enjoy hearing what you have to say.


Now I’m off to catchup on The 100 after a lovely visit to the ocean today and  sadly I have a mountain of clothes to fold that is too large to hide anywhere.


Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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Sound the sirens – Miss Teens Ball night.



Last night was a night of celebrations.
Miss Teen attended her ball night.
This is her final year of high school and it was a chance for her to feel like a princess and she certainly looked like one.


A beautiful gesture was made by Miss Teens older siblings B1 and Mr Wings and their partners.  They made sure that Miss Teen & Her partner arrived in style. They spent the morning washing and polishing a vintage fire truck kindly donated for use on the night by a former firey.


We are very lucky to live in a location that has a beautiful marina which set an amazing backdrop to preball photos.



So the night is over and the end of a schooling era of four of our children is on the horizon (20 years).
This year will be intense in our house with year 12 exams for Miss Teen but I have my hard hat and safety gear on ready to go.

There will be further study and uni for some our kids which we look forward to supporting them with but
Mr T & T and I are seeing a window coming up before Miss Moo starts school and before we build our house, to Travel.
Time to plan an adventure.

The possibilities may not be endless but as many hours of playschool have taught us,  which window will we choose today.  Mmm,  will it be the  round,  square or arched window?

Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜

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Memories – A song,  A photo,  A smell or  a moment.  So many things can trigger them. How precious are the memories that our past generations have and how do we keep them so they don’t get lost. How important are things to keeping our memories?

The Decluttering in our house is ongoing and I am starting to get the hang of being brutal. At the moment it is Miss Moos baby clothes. I have kept a few special outfits and also her first shoes that she walked in which I have decided to frame over the next school holidays.

How easy it is to fill our houses and lives with things. I used to realise this more after we had been away camping. I also remember many years ago when a family on the same street we lived in our small town lost everything when they had a house fire.
Our district rallied and funds were raised, but for everyone in the community it touched a rare chord.  What if we lost all the possessions we owned today or tomorrow?

One of my favourite movies is Leap Year .  There is a great scene where the fire alarms go off and Anna ( Amy Adams) fiance Jeremy (Adam Scott) has to choose what to take with him in the rush to vacate and rushes around grabbing laptops etc.  If you had 2 minutes to vacate your house what would you grab?

One article I have found recently  inspiring is
Kelly Exeters – A life less Frantic recent article on her blog which may also help you with the decision you have been prolonging (like myself)  about whether to keep your wedding outfit.
When it’s time to let go of your wedding dress.

Mr T&T and I sadly no longer have any grandparents and the many wonderful stories that have been passed down to them will be missed out on by our kids.  I am still not sure how we can give the next generation the message of how important it is to make time for their grandparents and to listen to the stories because they hold history,  lessons and the key to our past.

Nostalgic I know but I will always treasure and miss the many long stories and talks with my wonderful Nan.

So today,  tonight,  tomorrow,  take the time to enjoy the moments and hold the memories in your heart.

Jules 💜

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