Not one size fits all

Recently I was at the playground with Miss Moo pushing her on the swing when I overheard a group of Mums talking about sleep routines. I won’t repeat the conversation word for word but I can tell you the following things were mentioned ; Self Soothing, cry it out , swaddling  and introducing solids early.

I found myself walking away from the playground that day thinking about the many conversations I’d had with Mr T & T over the years about the latest article or book I’d read and convincing him that whatever recent  sleep method I’d read about was a great idea and we should try it. Two weeks in and the book was back on the shelf or returned never to be spoken about again.

Some of our older kids were great sleepers and some  could have easily given night shift workers a run for their money in a competition of who is more alert after pulling an all nighter.
Of course we would get the many meaningful advisers in our younger days as parents about just leaving them cry etc.

So 15 years after our Miss Teen was born when we found out we were expecting Miss Moo I went out and began my usual quest for information from the latest experts.  Crazy I know,  after all we already had 4 kids so why would we need a book.

Truth be known reflecting now,  I was determined to do what most parents want to do,  be the best and do the best job I could. Have we tried any new methods this time around?
I can honestly say yes.  The same ones we are still doing ; What works for our family and Miss Moo.
We know this time will pass quicker than we want it to, so if that means she needs extra cuddles or to have us close by then so be it because before we know it she will be asking us to take her for driving lessons.

Please don’t misunderstand me there are lots of wonderful parenting books out there and I’m almost positive that I will read more but Just like a gorgeous winter coat ( there isn’t a one size fits each family method).

To all My Mummy friends out there and friends of mums I say be kind to yourselves and them. Parenting is a journey that never ends and each day has its challenges and celebrations.

Your doing great!

Enjoy the Moments

Jules 💜

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Tea & Movies with Miss Teen


It’s always great to have quality time with Miss Teen.  Today was no exception as we enjoyed morning tea at one of our favourite places.

After too much Tea and a lovely piece of chocolate meringue cake was consumed Miss Teen became the photographer before we went and watched   INSURGENT.

INSURGENT is the second movie in the Divergent series.
If you enjoyed the first movie ; Divergent, then you will really like this one.It has plenty of action and a great storyline.wpid-wp-1428499002143.jpeg

 Outfit share not sponsored


Have I mentioned that I am really liking the gorgeous flats available from Target at the moment and these ones are so comfy and affordable – $25. I am wearing size 11.

Once again I am wearing my Katies Ultimate Jeans $49.95 which I have shared before :
I added a touch of Nautical look, with this peacoat striped t-shirt also from target – $25.

My bag (strandbags) , was a gift for Xmas from mr T&T and not available now but the one featured (Marikai snake panel tote) is very similar.

A touch of RED was added with my new lipstick. If you have been wanting to try out the lovely shades of red that are out but think that they might make you look washed out or won’t suit you then I encourage you to go to your local makeup counter and try some out.
The lipstick I wore is RED matte from maybelline. A bit of sharing ( not sponsored) Target currently has 30% off selected makeup.

Don’t forget to share your outfits on Instagram : #wearandsharet.
I look forward to seeing what beautiful, comfortable and affordable outfits you put together.

Enjoy the moments

Jules 💜