Memories – A song,  A photo,  A smell or  a moment.  So many things can trigger them. How precious are the memories that our past generations have and how do we keep them so they don’t get lost. How important are things to keeping our memories?

The Decluttering in our house is ongoing and I am starting to get the hang of being brutal. At the moment it is Miss Moos baby clothes. I have kept a few special outfits and also her first shoes that she walked in which I have decided to frame over the next school holidays.

How easy it is to fill our houses and lives with things. I used to realise this more after we had been away camping. I also remember many years ago when a family on the same street we lived in our small town lost everything when they had a house fire.
Our district rallied and funds were raised, but for everyone in the community it touched a rare chord.  What if we lost all the possessions we owned today or tomorrow?

One of my favourite movies is Leap Year .  There is a great scene where the fire alarms go off and Anna ( Amy Adams) fiance Jeremy (Adam Scott) has to choose what to take with him in the rush to vacate and rushes around grabbing laptops etc.  If you had 2 minutes to vacate your house what would you grab?

One article I have found recently  inspiring is
Kelly Exeters – A life less Frantic recent article on her blog which may also help you with the decision you have been prolonging (like myself)  about whether to keep your wedding outfit.
When it’s time to let go of your wedding dress.

Mr T&T and I sadly no longer have any grandparents and the many wonderful stories that have been passed down to them will be missed out on by our kids.  I am still not sure how we can give the next generation the message of how important it is to make time for their grandparents and to listen to the stories because they hold history,  lessons and the key to our past.

Nostalgic I know but I will always treasure and miss the many long stories and talks with my wonderful Nan.

So today,  tonight,  tomorrow,  take the time to enjoy the moments and hold the memories in your heart.

Jules 💜

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